Archaeologia Polona

Journal of Archaeology

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Archaeologia Polona vol. 45:2007
Special theme: Glass and silver
Pages: 99-104

PL ISSN 0066-5924

How to date the glass-making workshop in Torcello?

Lech Leciejewicz

Remains of a glass workshop were discovered during the Polish-Italian excavations con-ducted in 1961-1962 at the Island of Torcello in the Venetian Lagoon. It was dated tentatively to the 7th -8th century, although a radiocarbon dating of a charcoal sample from inside a circular kiln gave a date of AD 845 ± 45 (Rome-233). After calibration, the average date was moved to AD 930, and AD 887-972 with a probability of 68% and AD 812-1003 with a probability of 95%. The lowest acceptable limit based on the archaeological record is the 9th century (most probably the second half ). Thus, it seems that the workshop originated in connection with the increased economic importance of the settlement at Torcello, which prompted the Emperor Constantine Porphyrogenitos a hundred years later to call it a ‘great emporium’ on the Venetian Lagoon.


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