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Archaeologia Polona vol. 35-36:1997-1998
Special theme: Archaeology in the 20th century. Ideas - people - research
Pages: 343-356

PL ISSN 0066-5924

Stefan Krukowski (1890-1982): a reclusive eccentric within the archaeological establishment

Romuald Schild

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Stefan Krukowski was one of the most interesting thinkers of 20th-century European archaeology. His work on techniques of site exploration and site formation-processes is fundamental to contemporary understanding of how concentrations of lithic artefacts formed and what behavioural significance they had. Krukowski’s pioneering research on flint mining and distribution resulted in a number of important publications, among which was the first comprehensive monograph on a prehistoric flint mine in Europe. In the pre-World War II era, Krukowski was the first to pay great attention to lithic technology, particularly to the techniques and methods of core shaping and reduction. His original, unconventional ideas about prehistoric cultural taxonomy should interest all those concerned with the means and goals of the studying lithic assemblages.

Keywords: cultural taxonomy, flint distribution, flint mining, lithic technology, Stefan Krukowski

Language: English